How I

Reversed Artery Plaque

And Cleared My Carotid Arteries in 4 ½ Months!

“Master Herbalist & Natural Health Advocate, Sharon Smith,

cleared the plaque from her arteries and she

wants to tell you how she did it!”

Reverse Artery Plaque Special Report

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Discover how I cleared the plaque from my arteries

in 4 1/2 months using natural methods and

healed myself of artery disease.

Maybe even less than 4 ½ months –

that’s just how long I waited to retest!  

In this Special Report, I have documented my

 specific protocol.

I was shocked when I learned I had a buildup of

plaque in my arteries! 

Taking pharmaceutical drugs for this was out of the question.

I saw that as a slippery slope riddled with side effects offering

a more rapid death than just doing nothing at all!   

I knew if I could clean my arteries naturally,

I would be able to sustain the results. 

But how? 

As I began my research, I discovered a gauntlet of

contradictory ‘expert advice’ and volumes of sales pitches

for this or that magic bullet.  And a host of meaningless,

generic platitudes like “eat lots of fresh fruit & vegetables”.   

Good grief!

When I discovered I had arterial plaque that could lead to

 Sudden Death (or maybe just a stroke or heart attack!), the

 last thing I wanted to do was to gamble on

 someone’s product, regardless of how good the hype was. 

Many claim they can reverse artery plaque, “or your money back”.

Really?  As if the refund would do me any good if I’m dead!!!

No, I wasn’t about to gamble – I wanted results naturally and fast!



I’ve had a pretty good diet for years.

And as a Master Herbalist & Natural Health Advocate,

I’ve had good health and a healthy lifestyle for years, too. 


I think if I could have artery plaque, anybody could!  


According to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention,

cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of

death in the United States. 

And one of the symptoms of cardiovascular disease is

Sudden Death!

Arterial Plaque Can Effect Anyone!

What I discovered is that it’s not just about diet.  Yes, that’s a

 part of the equation, but there’s a whole host of other factors.

  Genetics, for example, can play a role – so can exercise and

 the way  we deal with (or don’t deal with) stress.

If you have ever had exposure to or experienced any of the

 following, you could be at risk of having arterial plaque:

*  Stress

*  Inflammation

*  Poor diet

*  Cigarette smoke or other toxic fumes

*  Inorganic calcium in foods or supplements

*  Infection of any sort (bacterial, viral, fungal, etc.)

*  Heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic

*  Genetic predisposition to accumulate plaque

*  Unknown and other factors   (No Kidding!)


If you’re tired of hearing the hype and sales pitches of

various magical cures to reverse plaque and heal arteries, this

 is a great read for you.

You can read a real account from someone

who’s been there! 


This Special Report is available right now.

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 As a Bonus, you will also receive my 3 Guides:


What we eat is a foundational part of life.  Every time we eat, we have an opportunity to build our health or detract from it.  I encourage you to read about these natural foods and their dynamic properties – what you discover can serve you for a lifetime.


Herbs have been used as food and medicine for 1000’s of years.  As a Master Herbalist, I study, use and teach herbology.  The special herbs that I’ve detailed and described can work naturally and gently with the body.  When I want results without side effects, I always choose the right herbs for the task.  Take advantage of my research and experience by getting the Guide.


Wading through the sea of supplements can be a murky task.  I’ve boiled down some of the most powerful and beneficial supplements I used to heal artery disease.


I’ve had family members and friends drop dead

 from arterial disease,

some suddenly and some painfully slowly.  

I’ve seen people from all walks of life lose their lives

because of arterial disease. 


I could have been next.  Instead, I’m healthy, happy, alive & well.

And now I’ll show you how I healed my arteries!


If you discover you have inflammation

 and plaque in your arteries, you will have some decisions make.

  Will you wait and react to a catastrophy or is it time to get proactive and

 move in a healthier direction while you still have options?

The protocol I’ve documented was my choice

 – really the only choice that made sense to me.


In this Special Report, I also reveal the medical and health tests

I took to help guide my decisions in reversing artery plaque

and healing my arteries. 

A lot of people don’t know they have inflammation and arterial plaque.

The odds are right now, there are millions of people walking around with

 plaque in their arteries.  I hope you’re not one of them.

But the unfortunate reality is that arterial disease is one of the

leading causes of death for men and women in the U. S.

Sometimes there are no symptoms.  Sometimes the first symptom is

Sudden Death.

Plaque can cause a clot which can lead to a stroke or heart attack

with no advance warning.

You could be like me – enjoying a healthy lifestyle and

feeling on top of your game.  I truly had no symptoms whatsoever.

In fact, it’s still  hard to believe that even though I felt fantastic –

I was at risk of dropping dead any minute!

I knew if I could have inflammation and plaque in my arteries,

 anybody could.

What can you do?

You can protect yourself by finding out if you have arterial plaque.

Then you can do something about it before it’s too late.

I set out to find a natural way to reverse artery plaque and heal my arteries. 

I built a protocol with all the best foods, herbs and supplements I could find – 

a protocol I could live with and enjoy.

4 1/2 months later, the plaque in my carotid arteries was gone!

Maybe the plaque was gone sooner – I just waited that long to recheck.

What I learned about surgery and arterial plaque is that a surgical

 operation doesn’t heal the inflammation that causes plaque.

In fact, if I wanted massive inflammation leading to even more and

faster plaque buildup, then surgery would have been the answer for me.

But to reverse plaque and heal my arteries,

for me this is to treat the underlying cause – stop creating plaque and

remove the accumulated plaque naturally.

I wanted to reverse this deadly situation immediately and I wanted to

heal my arteries for good – not get a temporary fix.

And frankly, I would have chosen to do nothing over a surgical operation.

But that’s a choice I didn’t have to make because I found the right foods,

herbs & supplements to help me reverse artery plaque & heal my arteries.

Now I’d like to share this information with you.

Will you wait to react to a catastrophy or is it time to get proactive and move

in a healthier direction while you still have options?

I urge you to take advantage of my research and experience and get the story

 from someone who’s been there and healed artery disease naturally.


 Order your Special Report now.

 (You could be reading this in the next few minutes.)


 If you would like to know more about me and what I do,

you can go to 

In addition to teaching herbology, I am a Certified Holistic Iridologist &

 Sclerologist and I do private consultations in Phoenix, Arizona.




This information is not intended to take the place of medical advice.

Always seek the advice of a highly trained & qualified health professional before making any changes

 to your diet, supplement use, exercise regimen or lifestyle.

This is the experience of Sharon Smith & is shared for informational purposes only & is not to be construed as medical advice.

Sharon Smith – YES Inv., LLC  2012

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